Full Stack Developer

We are looking for Full Stack Developers who are passionate about building scalable, responsive web applications and sites. We have plenty of opportunities for you to grow, learn new skills, be creative, and solve unique problems.

This is a full time, permanent position working standard business hours in our Santa Monica office. We’re not interested in outsourcing this work.

Some of what we’re looking for:

  • At least 2-3 years experience building modern, responsive websites
  • Experience with LAMP/LEMP
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience with Vanilla JS
  • Experience with HTML5/CSS3
  • Experience with Angular/Backbone/Ember/Ionic
  • Experience with Zend Framework is a plus

Our projects include:

  • Ownership of 7+ TLDs
  • Internet abuse mitigation
  • Web hosting
  • Online finance offerings
  • Big data analytics

Skills & Requirements

  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, SSH, AWS, Angular, Backbone, Zend Framework, LAMP. Minimum 2-3 years experience.

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Fresh kabobs, burritos, In-N-Out, or a crisp salad? We understand tastes can vary from person to person, even from day to day. That’s why we keep things fresh. Whether this means switching up the lunch menu, working on new projects, or revamping processes to optimize efficiency, we are ready to adapt.

Our offices are designed to maintain free communication without exposing you to the elements. This means we all have our offices, but the doors remain open. We aren’t just long rows of tables without any privacy, we allow you to focus while still being friendly.

Each of the members of our company brings a variety of skills to the table. Creating an environment where fresh ideas are always welcome allows us to take advantage of the greatest asset we have: our employees.